Castello COLLE MASSARI, Montecucco

One of the most beautiful and well maintained in this region, the Castello Colle Massari, and its associated vineyards, have undergone a huge refurbishment programme since it was acquired in 1998 by sister and brother Maris Iris and Claudio Tipa.

Colle Massari

The first vintage from this Montecucco DOC was produced in the year 2000 . The elevated position, allied to close proximity to the sea, helps to produce a wonderful microclimate, where some 110 ha of vines are cultivated to organic standards. Too big a vineyard to hit top quality? Not a bit of it, the wines get better and better.

Also within the group, the following:

Poggio di Sotto

A Decvin stalwart, every vintage since 1998 has been purchased, such is the consistent quality: no Brunello can match it for sheer excellence, texture, elegance and complexity. Indeed, one could say that about the Rosso, too. Situated right at the southern tip of Montalcino, it is the cooling breezes that tumble down the slopes on Mont’Amiata that help to create the estate’s calling card of softness and persistence.

Locals were somewhat surprised when Piero Palmucci sold the estate in 2011 (even rumoured to have left all his belongings behind on the day he received his multi-million euro payout, driving off in only the clothes on his back to a new home in Castiglione della Pescaia!). But hardly anything has been changed by the new ownership: there was no need to fix anything, as nothing was broken…


Becoming part of the group in 2002, this small estate in Bolgheri was founded in 1977, with Sassicaia as a neighbour. The first Grattamacco was released in 1982, and this organically produced wine has now become a firm favourite of ours (as have the other vini rossi produced from the various parcels that make up 14 ha in total…not to mention the incredible Vermentino).

Everything here is run under the dedicated and watchful eye of Luca Marrone, and this year, he is aiming to add a further vineyard with the conversion of an olive grove, adding to the new tasting-room in the winery that was being built in 2013. There is going to be plenty to come from this neat corner of Tuscany.

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