Fattoria POGGIO DI SOTTO, Castelnuovo del Abate

A Decvin stalwart, every vintage since 1998 has been purchased, such is the consistent quality: no Brunello can match it for sheer excellence, texture, elegance and complexity. Indeed, one could say that about the Rosso, too. Situated right at the southern tip of Montalcino, it is the cooling breezes that tumble down the slopes on Mont’Amiata that help to create the estate’s calling card of softness and persistence.

Locals were somewhat surprised when Piero Palmucci sold the estate in 2011 (even rumoured to have left all his belongings behind on the day he received his multi-million euro payout, driving off in only the clothes on his back to a new home in Castiglione della Pescaia!). But hardly anything has been changed since: there was no need to fix anything, as nothing was broken…

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