Renato FENOCCHIO, Neive

The history of these wines begins early in the XIX century, when the Fenocchio family moved from Monforte d’Alba to Barbaresco. Renato's great-grandparents started off with a dairy-farm, attending to the growing and cultivation of numerous products, such as vines, hazelnuts and cereals. Having worked in one of the most important cellars in Barbaresco Renato expanded the family farm, acquiring a further 11ha for the production of wine.

And jolly decent wine it is. Renato and wife Milva still sell off a good proportion of their production in bulk, not only keeping quality high, but also cash flowing (with a production averaging 25,000 bottles per year - and with just the two of them - there’s only so much they can physically handle). Their exemplary Barbaresco finally acknowledges its source on the label.

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